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Use of this site in no way obligates Gold Coins-Silver Bullion (GS-SB) or its advertisers in any way whatsosever. Responses and answers to inquiries and requests for information are opinions only and are not intended to be used as an authorative price guide, for insurance purposes or for appraisal values. Responses to emails and any other requests for information or questions whether by telephone or letter or any other means are made on our best effort based on information received and GC-SB assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss, monetary or otherwise, or any mis-interpretation that may be incurred or assumed on receipt of GC-SB's responses.

Nor does GC-SB endorse or recommend any product, service or item that may be offered by any third-party person, company, partnership or corporation. GC-SB is not responsible for any misrepresentations of any product, service or item for any reason, nor any loss, monetary or otherwise, that may be incurred. Visitors to the GC-SB understand, accept and agree that use of GC-SB is solely at their own risk and discretion. It is also understood that all investments have risk, and GC-SB will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, monetary or otherwise that may result from use of this page.

The GC-SB reserves the right to refuse any sale(s) for any reason with no prior notification. GC-SB also reserves the right to remove any item listed for any reason. Any item may be returned to inventory and re-sold to another party if payment is not received from original buyer within 7 days from notice of amount due regarding purchase. The notice of amount due for any purchase may be via email, letter or telephone conversation.

Any information contained within GC-SB is intended for reference purposes only. Any values shown are opinions only and not to be considered for use regarding insurance claims, appraisals, market values, sales or any other purpose. Nor will GC-SB or any of its associates be held responsible or liable for any loss or damages, monetary or otherwise resulting from use of any information contained herein. Use of information is at the sole discretion and risk of the visitor. The visitor also understands they assume total responsibility for any and all consequences that may occur from use of this website.

The GC-SB reserves the right to refuse any listing they deem unacceptable or non-relevant that may be submitted by any means for any reason. GC-SB reserves the right to edit any paid listing to conform to existing page layout. GC-SB also reserves the right to accept, remove, or edit any complimentary listing submitted at their discretion at any time without explanation. Any and all listings submitted to GC-SB for consideration are subject to verification of organization, date and authenticity. Submittal of information to GC-SB by any means for placement in any of the pages designates acceptance and understanding of all GC-SB Terms and Conditions. Once a paid listing has been accepted and uploaded to the GC-SB site, no refund either full or partial will be made should the listing be requested removed for any reason.

Any and all information, pictures or photographs, submitted for inclusion in GC-SB, become the property of GC-SB.

Use of any page is at the viewer's discretion and user is wholly responsible for verifying any and all information shown. GC-SB will not be responsible for or liable in any way for any mis-understanding, mis-information, mis-reading, typos, or any other information submitted by any third party sources. The settlement of any disagreement between a buyer and any third party advertiser or affiliate is the sole responsibility of the parties involved. GC-SB will not be a part of the arbitration nor will GC-SB be held liable for any loss of merchandise, money or loss of any implied value.

All Designated Trademarks, Registered Names and Hallmarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

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Gold Coins - Silver Bullion Disclaimer:

The GC-SB reseves all rights to retain site design control of all text and pictures used on any page within the GC-SB website Nor will the GC-SB be held responsible or accountable in any manner for any claims made by any of their third party listers, links, advertisers, dealers, affiliates - paid or complimentary. The images and text appearing on any and all of the GC-SB web-pages are the sole property of Gold Coins - Silver Bullion and may not be duplicated, quoted, reproduced or used in any manner without expressed written permission from GC-SB.

Gold Coins - Silver Bullion Privacy & Policy Statement:

Internet User Privacy is of the upmost importance to GC-SB and our advertisers. For each visitor to our web page our web server recognizes no information regarding domain or email address. The GC-SB will not sell, divulge or give any information received by its visitors without the expressed permission of the individual in writing or email. Should you not want to receive any email from the GC-SB, please email us at and let us know that you do not want to receive any email from us.

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