Gold Calculations - Definitions, 18K, 14K, 12K, 10K
Considered one of the Earth's most precious metals, it's unique properties make it not only sought after as a means of investment, i.e., bullion and coins, but also make it highly demanded for jewelry. Gold is unique in that it is not affected by air, oxygen or water - nor will it rust, corrode or tarnish. It is also very malleabile and ductile. Imagine, an ounce of gold can be hammered into a 100 sq. ft. sheet or drawn into a wire 5 miles long.

Gold Bullion | Coins

US Gold Bullion Coins, Bars Most gold bullion coins range from .9999 to .9167 gold content with the remainder consisting of silver and copper. Gold coins originally minted for circulation (1776-1933) had slightly less gold content - typically .900 - with the remainder of the metals again being silver and copper.

Gold bullion and gold coins are quickly becoming a favorite of investors. While bullion can usually be purchased at a percentage above spot value, gold coins that were minted as legal tender money need to be examined for their numismatic value.

Gold Jewelry

The amount of gold in US jewelry is measured 3 ways:

Fineness - parts of gold per 1,000
Percent - parts of gold per 100
Karat - parts of gold per 24

The United States FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has guidelines that regulate and define the minimum amount of gold in jewelry for a piece to still be considered gold at 10K. Foreigh markets like Italy, France and Switzerland have a higher standard. Jewelry produced in these countries must have the equivalent of 18K gold to carry the 'gold' label. The minimum for England is 9K.

US Gold Marks
European Marks
Percentage of Gold
24K is pure gold
100% gold
18K is 18 parts gold plus 6 parts other metal
75% gold
14K is 14 parts gold plus 10 parts other metal
58.3% gold
12K is 12 parts gold plus 12 parts other metal
50% gold
10K is 10 parts gold plus 14 parts other metal
41.7% gold

Gold is typically weighed in 'Troy Ounces'
One Troy Pound (lb) is equal to 12 Troy Ounces or 373 grams.
One Troy Ounce is equal to 20 Pennyweights (American jewelry trade)
One Troy Ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams
One Pennyweight is equal to 1.55 grams

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