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$50,000 an Ounce Gold

Why we're in trouble and $50,000 an ounce gold (4/2016)
Favorite Stories

Silver Facts, Silver Ratio to Gold, Negative Interest Rates. (3/2016)
Newbie Buying Guide

What first time buyers should know. (2/2016)
2016: News Stories

What's happeneing in the world the first of 2016. (1/2016)
Money in the Scrap Pile

How to turn scrap jewelry, gold, silver, into cash or bullion. (11/2015)
What are the Odds?

Sales of gold reported to be 300 paper ounces for each 1 physical ounce of gold. (11/2015)
Gold !

Why, What & How (10/2015)
How to Buy Silver Bullion

Tips on how to buy, find a dealer and what to look out for when comparing spot vs. purchase price. (9/2015)
Trending Stories

Gold, silver, California seizures, and more! (8/2015)
Congressmen Pulling Money

See who 54 Congressmen are pulling their money from US Savings accounts. (6/2015)
US Debt Frozen

- for 21 days! (4/2015)
Spot Value

What is 'spot vlaue' and who determines it. (2/2015)
Your Bank Account was Stolen !!

Find out how this happened. (11/2014)
Are You Poorer Today?

See why people feel poorer, where the jobs are going and who's buying all the gold. (10/2014)
Gold Sales Up Over 200%

Who's buying and is now the time for you to buy. (9/2014)
Cede & Co.

The 5 'W' Questions Answered . . . Who, What, When, Where and Why. (6/2014)
A MUST Watch Video

This video will make you think twice about banks, mortgages and precious metals. (5/2014)
Investing without Debt

BBC Video on how banks create debt. (5/2014)
Crash vs. Correction

You hear them talked about - but what's the difference? (4/2014)

Defines how an institution can take your investment. (3/2014)
Largest Silver Holder

See who holds the most silver - in today's world (2/2014)
Dodd Frank is Now Official

plus 7 other scary stories. (1/2014)
Investing in Gold

What Jim Rogers has to say about gold. (1/2014)
How Safe is Your Bank?

A MUST read article about banks, the FDIC and the Dodd-Frank Act. (10/2013)
Precious Metals
Are they long or short term investments? (9/2013)
Silver Investing

Why silver is the 'poor man's gold'. (8/2013)
Fractional Gold
Types and what to look for when buying. (7/2013)
Gold Stories for July, 2013
Gold shortages felt around the world. (7/2013)
Silver ... June, 2013
Things to know about silver (6/2013)
Where are the world's top 10 gold mines?
Answer: All around the world! (6/2013)
What is an IIM? 13F?
More terms you should know - IIM, 13F, and more. (5/2013)
How Safe are your Savings?
Your 401K? Your IRA? (5/2013)
Have You Heard...?
Precious metals & financial news stories you may not have read but SHOULD! (4/2013)
Gold Derivatives
"Ghost Gold" - Types of derivatives, what they are and why we recommend physical gold. (4/2013)
Fractional Silver Bullion
Silver bullion sheets you can break apart just like a "chocolate bar".(3/2013)
Silver Certificates
From redemption to collection. (3/2013)
How Bullion Coins are Made
Process from start to finish (Video).(2/2013)
St. Gauden's Double Eagle - High Relief
American's Most Beautiful Coin(1/2013)
Silver Coins of the World
Common Canadian & Mexican silver coins & what they're worth.(1/2013)
World's 10 Most Popular Silver Bullion Coins
The world's top silver bullion coins. (1/2013)
What Does the US Budget Mean to You?
What's caused the US debt and why you need to prepare. (11/2012)
Gold Terms & Definitions
Common terms defined...Fiat, Bullion, COMEX, plus more(11/2012)
Which Country Wants Their Gold Back?
Read why they want it back and who's got it. (11/2012)
5 Reasons to Buy Gold
Most common reasons people (and countries) buy gold. (10/2012)
Silver: Demand vs. Supply
Effects of silver in ground, bullion demand, etc. - will the silver supply last? (10/2012)
Metal Detectors
Find gold using a metal detector. (9/2012)
Dollar Cost Averaging
How to apply Dollar Cost Averaging to buying silver and gold bullion. (8/2012)
Is Collecting For You?
Which is best... collecting? or investing? Depends on your goals. (8/2012)
5 Top Books for Buying Gold/Silver
These books all received 5 or 4+ stars for information on buying gold and silver. Check them out; available on Amazon. (7/2012)
Sterling Silver Jewelry
... is sterling silver becoming the new 'gold' for fine jewelry pieces? (7/2012)
5 Tips to Keep Your Stash Safe
What you should be doing and what you should not be doing to keep your silver and gold safe. (6/2012)
Silver Investors
... follow a trend. Which one are you? (6/2012)
Coin Grading
PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service - who they are and how it works. (5/2012)
13 Interesting Gold Facts
Interesting and unusual facts about gold (5/2012)
Legal Tender
See which states accept gold and silver as legal tender (4/2012)
Scrapping for Gold & Silver
Non-traditional gold & silver, what to look for when buying gold, silver and platinum scrap at garage sales, flea markets, etc. (4/2012)
Gold Scams
How unscrupulous sellers try to defraud unsuspecting buyers. (3/2012)
Home Safes
What to look for when buying a home safe - types, features, etc. (3/2012)
Gold Prices 100 Years
Price trends for gold over the last 100 years. (3/2012)
Gold vs Population
The world's population is growing faster than the production of 'new' gold. Read what this means.(2/2012)
Gold Testing Kits
Two different types of gold testing kits review with regard to ease to use and cost to purchase. (2/2012)
$30 Silver a Bargain?
. . .will 2012 see the return of silver to the previous high of $50... read why some think this will happen.(1/2012)
'Other' Golds
What are gold-filled, rolled-gold and vermeil? (1/2012)
Top 10 Countries
. . . see which countries rank the top 10 in gold reserves (12/2011)
Panning for Gold
What you need to know if you plan on panning for gold. (11/2011)
World's Largest Gold Coin
. . . who owns it and where you'll need to travel to to see it. (10/2011)
Is There a Gold Bubble?
Read what creates a bubble, is gold a commodity? or currency? and what does the US and other world countries have to do with gold value. (10/2011)
Gold vs Stock Market
See the difference in today's dollar value had you invested the same amount in gold vs the stock market over a decade. (10/2011)
When Silver Isn't Sterling
What you need to know to identify the differences between sterling and non-silver items that are marked silver. (9/2011)
Silver- More Than Just Bullion
Where it's mined, what it's used for and more - (9/2011)
Who is Chen Lin?
The man who turned $5,411 into $1.2 million now gives you his views on gold and silver and what to expect in the future.(8/2011)
Investing in Bullion
What you need to know before investing - (8/2011)
How Safe is Your Gold?
Read about a Philadelphia family that had 10 gold double eagles confiscated.(7/2011)
Gold ATMs
Buying gold bars and coins from ATM machines - (7/2011)
Gold OTC Trading Illegal July 16th?
Read how the Dood-Frank Act affects OTC trading of metals. (6/2011)
China Surpasses India in Gold Purchases
What's causing and driving the demand for gold in China and where will it eventually lead? (6/2011)
Can gold realistically be legal tender?
Read the reasons why this would be difficult and find out the difference between gold as an investment and gold as a currency. (5/2011)
Shafter, Texas - New Silver 'Boom' Town?
See how re-opening a 70 year old mine is rejuvinating the town of Shafter, Texas (5/2011)
Why Are Some Dealers Suspending Silver Sales?
Find out why some dealers are suspending sales and why you should take delivery of physical silver when you buy bullion. (4/2011)
Why Silver Continues to Go Up
Read what's causing the market value of silver to continually go up. (4/2011)
How Much Gold is US Gold Coins?
Chart of common US gold coins with gold content and weight. (3/2011)
How Much Silver is US Coins?
Does the silver in US coins make them more than a hobby? (3/2011)
What Does 2011 Hold for Gold?
Look to the future of gold in 2011. (2/2011)
1933 Gold Confiscation Executive Order
View facsimilies of the actual 1933 Confiscation Orders issued by FDR. (2/2011)
How to Covert Scrap to Bullion
What you need to know about selling your scrap gold and silver. (1/2011)
Silver Soaring in the Outback
Learn why Australia is demanding and buying more silver than the US. (1/2011)
Gold Falling?
Read what causes gold prices to fall. (12/2010)
Gold Confiscation...again?
Should you be concerned about your gold? (12/2010)
Which is better? Gold.. Silver
Get answers on buying gold and silver. (11/2010)
Gold Standard Manifesto
World Banks looks to a 'quasi' return to the gold standard. (11/2010)
Silver Will Go Much Higher
Discover the often 'overlooked' potential of silver. (10/2010)
3 Reasons Gold is Soaring!
Read what affect the economy has on gold. (10/2010)
Are Silver & Gold Prices Tied?
Find out how the value of these two precious metals are tied together. (9/2010)
When Will Silver Explode
Read how silver tracks gold and why it might explode any minute. (9/2010)
4 Ways to Buy Gold
Which gold type should you buy? (8/2010)
Silver Super Nova Coming
Is silver the investment opportunity you've been looking for? (7/2010)
What are gold swaps?
Find out what 'swaps' are and who does them. (7/2010)
US Mint Suspends Am Gold Eagle
US Mint temporarily suspends production of gold coins. (6/2010)
Golds'...Move' to $7,000
Could gold reach a value of over $7,000? (6/2010)

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